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Harley & Me

Harley & Me received a week-long development run at the White Bear Theatre in January 2018, supporting Solace Women's Aid.

It is currently in development and we are hoping for many further performances in early 2019.

Watch this space!

Creative Team


Written by

Lucy Walters

Directed by

Georgia Leanne Harris

Fight Choreography

Joseph Blunt



Danielle Williams



Niamh Watson

Mr J

Joseph Blunt

A trained psychiatrist and a criminal master mind trapped in the same room is bad enough, but Harley Quinn is a trained Psychiatrist and a criminal mastermind trapped in the same body. A doctor attempts to untangle a mess of emotions, fears and deeply aggressive impulses, questioning her own beliefs in the process.

Two women, haunted by the presence of an invisible male authority, are thrown together in an interrogation room. A play exploring the many facets of a two dimensional woman who has exerted her influence on women around the world for decades.

"The two actors are revealingly and compulsively pull-me-push-you, directed with subtlety by Georgia Leanne Harris... An interesting look at domestic violence, criminality and psychosis."

- London Pub Theatres

Big News - Harley & Me will be playing at the Lion and Unicorn theatre in October! 

Tickets and more information here

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