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Last One Here



Edward Tidy


Mark Rannoch

Creative Team


Written by

Martin Blackburn

Directed by

Georgia Leanne Harris


Sally Hardcastle

Lighting Design

Chuma Emembolu


Meet Jamie and Aaron. Just another morning. 


For Jamie, its bonus day at the bank. Maybe a chance to at last get that vintage Jaguar E-type. If only he can get past fat boy Charlie and pashmina-wearing Jacqueline from HR. 


Aaron's going with the flow of life. Gym, counselling session, lunch with best friend Linda, spiritual guidance from Shazia. Maybe take in a gallery.


A day like any other. What could possibly go wrong?


But when James makes a misguided comment with implications he couldn't possibly have foreseen, their lives start to spin out of control and the 2 years that have brought them to this point suddenly take on an added resonance.

"One of the best and most sincere plays I've seen - ★★★★" - Boyz Magazine

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