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Creative Team


Written by

David Cantor

Directed by

Georgia Leanne Harris

Associate Producer

Katie Wilkinson


Sunny Smith

Lighting Design

Owen Pritchard-Smith



Ciaran Lonsdale


James Groom


Bruce Kitchener


Niamh Watson


Beatrice Cranke

Laura Stratford


David Morris

AJ Jenks

Aaron Douglas

Despite the comic nature of the play, Sheep also examines 21st century male angst in all it's forms, focusing on depression, grief, isolation and man's desperate need for companionship and a way out of the darkness in times of need.  

It’s been twenty-one nights since Dexy last slept. It could be down to his choice of pillow. Duck Down. It could be down the heating in his flat. Nonexistent. Or it could be the fact his girlfriend’s missing, the police are scouring the streets and Dexy’s past is catching up with him. 

Ensconced in his third floor flat, over the course of an evening Dexy attempts to cast his mind back and fit the relevant pieces together, but as the blare of the sirens gets louder and night turns to morning the lines between dreams and reality and rational thinking and insanity become ever more blurred.

As if this wasn’t enough, Dexy is visited by three very different people during the night.

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